Welcome to Power of Choice!

Christine Nelson, survivor of commercial sex trafficking, founded the Power of Choice Minnesota (PCM) in 2017. After Christine broke free, art played an enormous role in her own healing. Power of Choice Minnesota operates through a public health lens, and emphasizes art as a means to healing from trauma. Christine aims to show a side of trafficking that is often kept hidden. Christine’s work provides viewers with an intimate glimpse into her life and the many struggles of being trafficked.

Christine’s picture art essay “SHE” is relatable and raw. This project has been cathartic and healing for Christine. “SHE”, has been displayed to a large range of audiences in an effort to raise awareness about sex trafficking and support survivors of sexual violence.

Mission: To reduce the public health epidemic of sex trafficking using a public health lens and provide art as a catalyst for societal change.

Vision: Human beings have identities that are diverse and ever changing. To encompass all persons who are victim to trafficking we must consider; sexual orientation, immigration status, ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs, age, gender, socioeconomic status and family socialization. Power of Choice Minnesota (PCM) is working to identify and connect the invisible rings of trafficking. We must work toward ensuring human beings are free from sex bondage to live a safe and fulfilling life.

PCM is using art as a tool of social change by making an impact in creating awareness, uplifting voices of those who have been trafficked, and provide an essential healing element for both individuals and society. We are dedicated to serving the needs of the community by being trauma-informed and honoring the agency of the individual with a victim-centered approach. We recognize intersecting identities of those in our community and respond to all regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, immigration status, religious beliefs and socioeconomic status.