I started this blog to share my life with others and to help people take action in the fight to free people from modern day slavery. I want people to feel safe and reach a healing place in their life like I got to after my trauma. I want people to have a space to share their fears, accomplishments, struggles, and triumphs once being free from modern day slavery. I want people who did not experience this trauma know how and when to help people who are trafficked.

Most of all I want to dispel all the assumptions that society has about persons who are trafficked. The ways people often pity us. The way people use their savior complex in a way that does not benefit the survivor. And making a STOP to the questions people ask that are insensitive to your being and privacy. *asking certain questions related to trafficking triggers trauma and shame*

I encourage all viewers to share a little about themselves and what they know about trafficking. You might not know much and that’s OK. You might be a survivor reading this and just know that I see you lovely human being. I hope that you continue to interact with me on the blog and my other social media links.

Love Always Lives Here,