Each of these photos were taken recently and hold a special significance for me. However the ones of my eyes are the expression of the mask that I was forced to wear as a commodity to be purchased on an online marketplace. The market where I was for sale was not a free market in the sense of economics as I know now. It was a black market where every part of me was for sale with the possibility of death at the hands of another. As I drew the fish underwater it symbolized for me that we can take off our mask and when you look at the big world we all just a little fish in a big old sea trying to get ahead and finding financial security.

Lovely Phone Pics.2015-2016 1008I think that my friends and family may portray me in a photo advocating for others and working towards increasing my education so that I can live with more financial security. They might picture me in my garden or sitting with friends in a coffee shop. They may also portray me as someone who spends her money on traveling the US and the world. In all the ways they would portray me I would be a part of the economic system.