We find stuff. We buy stuff. We are gifted stuff. Some stuff we don’t ask for and are burdened with. Some stuff means the world to us. Other stuff is easily thrown away. We accumulate emotions like stuff. These can be happy, sad, neutral, overwhelmed, over joyed, lost, sorrow, tenderness, scared, anxious, love, lust, resentment, insecure and unsure.

We accumulate trauma as well in many different ways. Trauma can be masqueraded as an emotion we display. We get trauma from our DNA, indirectly through others shared experiences and directly from people and natural disasters. Throughout our lives we experience many kinds of trauma accumulation. Sometimes we don’t even know we are experiencing trauma. The words just do not exist sometimes for what we experience.

We accumulate healing. We find our way through by being able to make choices for ourselves. The choice of how and when to heal. The choice to feel extreme emotions. The choice to accumulate strength and weakness through the stuff we are not sure we want to keep or throw away.

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